Revolutionizing my Wholesale System


Attention local yarn shop owners! I have made changes to my wholesale system that will revolutionize it. I call it The Slot System.

For right now, while I am balancing two home businesses and a day job, I will have one slot available per month. When we discuss your next order, I will give you a list of open slots/months, and you’ll be able to choose which one you would like to take.

Near the end of the month before your slot, I will get in touch with you in order to get your list of bases and colorways so that I can invoice you at the beginning of your month. It will be due upon receipt, and you’ll need to pay it right away. That will enable me to let the payment process, place the order with my supplier, dye, dry, braid, label AND ship your order all within your slot’s month. As in a 3-4 week turnaround time from the time your payment clears (barring interference by nature or any emergencies of course). That way you don’t have to pay for an order you’re not going to get your hands on for six months… or a year for that matter, like with some of the big companies.

This system will also help me keep track of sales better and streamline the whole process so much. I’ll be able to plan my projects and offer new colorways and bases more regularly, offering them to certain shops before adding them to my regular lineup to give everyone a chance to have something new before anyone else.

If you’re a shop owner and have any questions, please let me know! I’d love to chat via email or phone! And as always, I’m looking forward to dyeing yarn for your shop so that your customers can enjoy my braided skeins.

Thanks for reading! <3

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