New Gradients Presentation

I love the mini braids we created for our gradients when we introduced them in 2014. But when I started taking my yarn to local shops, they always asked how the yarn felt because it was in a bag to keep the skeins together. That was a problem.

Warm Purples
Warm Purples

Jenn and I noodled it last week as we prepared a big batch of gradients to go to a local shop and ended up with a solution that allows people to feel just how soft and squishy our yarn is while still keeping all four mini skeins together. And it sorta looks like a braid…


That’s one of the first ones we did, so it’s not quite as neat as the ones we’re doing now. And I’m sure as we keep going, they’ll get even neater than that — my braiding skills sure have come along way with the thousands of skeins I’ve braided in the last few years, so I’m going to count on these improving too.

I just love it because it’s completely secure — a cotton tie on one end and the label on the other — so I think they’ll hold up well in shops and in your stash. ;)


2 thoughts on “New Gradients Presentation

  1. I just bought Xandy Peter’s Dovetail Cowl Pattern and started searching for the Annie Yarn Passport DK. No luck finding it, though! Any ideas on where I can purchase it? Thx!

    1. Hello! I just now saw this — I haven’t been updating or checking this site until now! Passport DK was a small-batch base I was able to carry for a limited time.. I’m hoping to find more unique bases that I can use to expand the Passport line, but I don’t know when that will be.

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