If you’ve got a question, check out this growing list of FAQ’s. Didn’t find the answer to your question? Hop over to our Chat & Questions thread on Ravelry or send us an e-mail! The more questions you ask, the more we can add to this page and help everyone. :)

How often do you update the online shop?
It depends on how many custom orders, wholesale orders, etc. I have to fill by a certain deadline. I am hoping to begin scheduling regular shop updates once a week.

What bases do you have?
We’ve got quite a fun selection of bases that is continually growing as our customers ask for more. Head over to the bases page for the complete list!

How do we find your standard colorways?
Check out the gallery we’re building. We’re quickly approaching 100 colorways!

Do you create custom colorways?
I do take requests for custom colorways, and if it’s a colorway I am confident I can create, I do so. Sometimes I have to decline, though, if I don’t feel I can pull it off.

How do I place a custom order?
I handle custom orders via e-mail, so drop me a line using the form on this page. Also when I’m about to place an order with my wholesale supplier, I’ll sometimes put out a call for custom orders. Usually it’s a general call, but sometimes I’ll ask if anyone wants one of my special-order bases, like Destiny Sock, that are not part of my regular inventory. These calls for custom orders are posted here in the group.

Is there a minimum quantity for a custom order?
Nope, no minimum. Nor is there a maximum. In fact, I offer sweater quantity (SQ) discounts.

Why do you braid your yarn?
We braid our skeins because we feel that it has a fun look to it, it’s something different that no one else has done for an entire yarn brand before, and we wanted to be as original as we could be. We developed our own method of braiding skeins, and it really helps keep the skeins from unraveling and becoming tangled and messy.

Help, I unbraided my yarn but decided not to use it yet — can you post a video of how you do it so I can re-braid it?
Oops, sorry, but we can’t. It’s our trade secret! ;) We know at some point someone will probably figure it out, but just remember that we did it first, and we kept it a super secret!!

Do you still offer birthday discounts?
Of course! I looooove dyeing yarn for birthday treats! Click over to the birthday page to find out all about it and how to get signed up to receive birthday discount reminders!

What is the production time of a custom order?
I usually give myself 6-8 weeks to get custom orders dyed and shipped because enough have to accumulate for me to order from my supplier (their minimum is 50 skeins), but depending on what else I have going on, I usually get to them a lot sooner. Weather is also a factor with our dye setup being outside.

How often do you offer subscriptions?
We’ve got a monthly subscription open all the time as well as a sweater club that’s open quarterly.

If I order a monthly subscription, when does my first month start?
Your subscription starts the month after you order. So if you order in January, your subscription will ship February, March, April, etc. until you cancel your subscription.

When (what time of month) do they ship?
Usually they ship during the last couple weeks of the month. The reason I give a time range like that is so that I have some wiggle room in my schedule in case something comes up. In most cases, it’s weather not cooperating, as our dye setup is outside.

Can I order more than one skein in a monthly subscription?
Yes! We currently offer monthly subscriptions with up to 4 skeins.

How do I change the quantity if I decide I want more or less?
That’s all handled via PayPal recurring payments. They have a page about it on their Web site.

When I place an order for subscriptions, can I order other things too?
Our recurring payment system handles subscriptions separately from the other items in our shop, so you’ll have to place a separate order. That’s really best because if you order in-stock items, they’ll ship out a lot sooner than if they’d been ordered with a subscription.

{ last updated March 15th, 2016 }