Changing to Twisty-Dyes

Peach Orchard
Peach Orchard

When I first began developing multi-colored colorways like Patina, I used the dip method. It was easy, and it created lovely results. But once I began dyeing large quantities, I realized it just wasn’t going to work. I don’t have a dip-dyeing apparatus that would hold the skeins half out of the water for me — I was doing it myself. And let me tell you, standing over a hot vinegar-smelling pot holding a bunch of heavy wet skeins half out of the dye bath is pretty hard on the neck and shoulders and back and arms. I couldn’t think of any other way to do it, though, so I put up with it.

And then I discovered a new method I call twisty-dyeing. I can dye a lot more at once, and no more jello arms and sore neck! Plus, the method creates shorter sections of color which means a lot less pooling when it’s knitted up. I think I’ve got a winner.

So that means that all the colorways I previously offered as Dip-Dyes are slowly being changed over to Twisty-Dyes. There isn’t much of a difference when you look at the braids, so the photos in the gallery are still pretty accurate. The main change is in the knitting.

I’m really excited to explore this method further and create some awesome colorways unlike anything Annie Yarn has ever made!

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