Birthday Discount

Once a year you get to celebrate your life and treat yourself to lovely things. So why not treat yourself to some Annie Yarn while you’re at it? You know you want to…

Here’s how it works: your discount is good your entire birthday month, so you’ll need to make sure you submit your custom order to us while it’s still that month. You’ll use the regular custom order form, found here. Just make sure you mention that it’s your birthday!


If you’d like to receive automatic email reminders, sign up for our e-newsletter, from the nest, and make sure you include your birthday. If you’ve already signed up but haven’t put in your birthday, you can always update your profile and add it. There’s a link at the bottom of all the newsletters that takes you to the update page. Once you’ve updated, you’ll get automatic reminders with all the instructions you’ll need to get your birthday discount!

So I bet you’re wondering what kind of discount we’re talking here. Our typical discount in our online shop is 10% off orders of $100+. But this is your birthday! To make you feel special, we’re offering special discounts.

Now, the discount is applied on a per-colorway basis. That’s because it takes about as much time to do a 1-skein dye lot as it does a dye lot of 4 or 6. So the more you order in a single colorway, the higher the discount on that colorway.

Here’s the breakdown…

  • 1-4 skeins: 10%
  • 5-9 skeins: 15%
  • 10+ skeins: 20%

I’ll try to give you an example… Say you want to get three colorways. Two are for a striped shawl and then one is for a cardigan. You need 1 skein each of the shawl colorways, and then 8 skeins of the cardigan colorway. The shawl colorways would be 10% off each, but the cardigan colorway would be 15% off because of the quantity. I would then set up your order with each colorway’s discounts applied–no code needed!

We want to give you a chance to splurge on that sweater quantity you’ve been wanting. Or maybe you haven’t tried our yarn yet and want to get just a couple skeins of something new for your birthday, so this opportunity to get 10% off less than $100 will help you do that.

We’re really excited about all of this, and we are looking forward to dyeing you some lovely yarns for your special day! :)

Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions you have!