And I’m back!

Hey everyone! I’m really excited to announce that I’m back! Life is going good, I’m working a much less stressful job in a home decor store (fun!), and I’m finally able to devote time and creative energy to Annie Yarn again.

I’ve got a lot of ideas I want to play with, and I’d love feedback. I’ll be posting in the Annie Yarn Ravelry group and asking for y’all to share with me what you’d like to see. The future of Annie Yarn is wide open, and I want to explore new things. New clubs, new dye techniques, new kits, you name it!

Soooooooo I’ll be updating this blog and sending out newsletters this summer as I work on new projects and come up with fun stuff for you guys to enjoy! Thanks for sticking with me through my much-needed hiatus. Can’t wait to dye you some lovely yarn!

oxo Annie

p.s., I’m working on getting custom orders open again, so stay tuned! I’m figuring out a new/easier way to order, and it’s gonna be amazing. I’ll post about it everywhere when I’ve got it ready!

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