We are a small-but-growing indie hand-dyed yarn company with a big vision.

We recognize that our skills are gifts from God, and we have built our business on a strong foundation by following the principle found in 1 Corinthians 10:31…

“Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

We love bringing ideas, memories, places and things to life through colorways that glow and speak to yarn-lovers around the world. Every step of our process involves handling each skein with love, from prepping the yarn, to dyeing it, to braiding it, which is our signature touch, and is what has set us apart visually from other brands since 2011, when we originally created our braided method.

We’re in the Deep South state of Georgia where the summers are hot, the food is good, and the iced tea is sweet. Georgia is full of inspiration for a hand-dyer. We’ve got old towns like Madison with a history so rich you feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine. We’ve got a coast with lots of touristy places to visit. But our favorite is the mountains, the beginnings of the Appalachians, where the colors of nature come to life.

Yes, there really is an Annie here at Annie Yarn, and she’s the one you’ll talk with via phone or e-mail when you contact us. She’s the head yarn-dyer here, does our photography, and runs the backend stuff for the company and our online shop, Woolhouse Fiber Co. She’s also a knitwear designer and has a personal yarnblog called Something About Yarn.

Jenn is our resident seamstress and assistant dyer. She designs knitwear as well and is a Sock Queen. We also call her the Yarnmaster because all she has to do is look at a tangled skein and it behaves. She’s also the one who took Annie’s out-of-left-field idea to braid skeins and figured out how to do it!

Our chickadee logo came from stories Annie’s mom told her about a little chickadee named Annie. It was lovingly hand-drawn by Annie’s youngest sister, Liz, who is an amazing artist.

Mom is the cook of the team. She keeps us fed during long dye days and provides lattes and hugs for when we need a boost.

And last but certainly not least, Destiny, known as Desi, is Annie’s miniature Dachshund, who gives us lots of kisses after a long day’s work.


We had the pleasure of dyeing yarn for KnitCrate’s January 2016 Indie, Sock, and Mini’s packages!


We were also featured in Yarnbox’s September 2013 Classic Box and then again in the April 2015 Socks Box. We also developed the Skyland colorway for their online shop.