Annie Yarn is a small indie hand-dyed yarn company with a big vision.

Before you ask, yes, there really is an Annie here at Annie Yarn, and that’s me! I’m the one you’ll talk with via phone or e-mail when you contact my company. I’m the yarn-dyer here, and I also do the photography and run the backend stuff for the company and online shop, AnnieDot Creative. I am also a knitwear designer, and I have a personal yarnblog and podcast called Something About Yarn.

I love bringing ideas, memories, places, foods, wildlife, etc. to life through colorways that glow and speak to yarn-lovers around the world. Every step of my process involves handling each skein with love, from prepping the yarn, to dyeing it, to braiding it, which is my signature touch, and is what has set my yarn apart visually from other brands since 2011, when my sister originally helped me create the braided method.

I live in the Deep South state of Georgia where the summers are hot, the food is good, and the iced tea is sweet. Georgia is full of inspiration for a hand-dyer. We’ve got old towns like Madison with a history so rich you feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine. We’ve got a beautiful coast with lots of touristy places to visit. But my favorite is the mountains, the beginnings of the Appalachians, where the colors of nature come to life in my mind.

My chickadee logo came from stories my mom told me about a little chickadee named Annie. Officially I was given my grandmother’s middle name of Ann, but my parents added the ‘E’ on the end after Anne of Green Gables. Then they started calling me Annie, and that’s what I’ve gone by since childhood. And trust me, I have heard ALL the jokes. If you can find one I haven’t heard, I will be shocked. When I was trying to decide on a name for my yarn brand, it felt natural to call it Annie Yarn, though sometimes I do wonder if people think I’m a bit full of it to name it after myself. But it’s my yarn, so why not?

I had the pleasure of dyeing yarn for KnitCrate’s January 2016 Indie, Sock, and Mini’s packages, and then I worked with them again in 2017!